Arkansans are more generous than the nation as a whole in giving to charity, but less apt to volunteer, participate in community groups and vote in local elections.

Arkansans gave 3.8% of income to charitable causes, compared to 2.3% nationally. In the 2018 election, 39% of state residents voted, a decrease from 2000, but simlar to prior mid-term elections. A quarter of residents said they always vote in local elections, compared to 32% across the country. Local voting was particularly low among some groups in Arkansas, with only 15% of black residents saying they always participate and no Hispanic residents indicating this. In fact, 86% of Hispanic residents said they never vote in local elections.

About 29% of Arkansans said they participate in a community group of some kind, and 30% said they volunteer. On both measures, the state was similar to national levels. The state volunteering rate was higher for women (25%) than men (17%).

Arkansans were as social in their neighborhoods as residents across the country, with 33% saying they talk with neighbors a few times a week or every day.